SMS Marketing Service

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Our sms under our portal or APIs integrated in your businesses can reach people located in most of african country and the cost of our sms is cheaper than ever

  • 1. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 2. Burundi
  • 3. Rwanda
  • 4. Uganda
  • 5. Kenya
  • 6. South Sudan
  • 7. South Africa
  • 8. Sudan
  • 9. Tanzania
  • 10. Somalia
  • 11. Namibia

Advantages of SMS marketing

  • 1. Your SMS text message will remain in their mobile phone, they can see it again at any time without the need for data, so you control your audience
  • 2. Most people spend time with their mobile phone than watching public banners
  • 3. If you send a text message, it is received instantly. There‚Äôs no waiting around for you or your customers to be online or walk to be able to see your banners
  • 4. Our sms marketing cost from $0.0644 usd for text limited to 100 characters and $0.099 for sms text message that will go upto 144 character
  • 5. Text messages are limited from 100 to 160 characters. Consumers are more likely to open and read a message if they know it will be short, sweet, and to the point. Nobody likes having their time wasted, and SMS messages hardly take up any time at all.
  • 6. Our sms marketing help businesses to begin conversations in a friendly tone that is more likely to appeal

sms characters sms sent's cost
1 to 100 characters $0.064 usd
100 to 144 characters $0.099 usd
pay as you go budget must be setup!

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